A Dallas Adventure

A Dallas Adventure

A few weekends ago, I went out to Dallas to visit with Wendy, see the town, and take a tour of the hotel facilities for Wincon.  It was an amazing trip and so very productive in more ways than one.  Our hotel, the Crowne Plaza Dallas Downtown, is more than ready to welcome us in October, and the staff seems to really get what we’re about and what we need to make Wincon amazing.  But! I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me recount some of the highlights of my epic Texan adventure and gush all about how perfect Dallas is going to be for all our fannish needs!

First of all, if you’ve never flown through DFW International, let me just say that it’s not as scary as you may be imagining. It IS a very large airport with several terminals, but it’s actually very easy and straightforward to navigate.  Once you cross out of the secured area, you literally walk straight to baggage claim and then straight out the door to shuttle pick up or the parking lot.  It’s super simple!

Then there’s our amazing hotel!  It is seriously right at the center of downtown! Go two blocks one way, you’re in the historical West End with restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops.  Go another direction, you’re checking out the Iron Cactus or any number of other amazing places to eat: from the upscale and gourmet to the fast food sandwich and shake shop.  There’s a bustling public transportation hub directly behind us and so many different tourist attractions, it’s incredible.  Plus, the sidewalks are wide and incredibly easy to navigate!

As far as the hotel itself, on Friday and Saturday nights, the hotel bar and restaurant are transformed into a nightclub, Thrive.  If you want to get all dolled up in your club finest, it is definitely worth checking out (and hotel guests only pay a $5 cover charge instead of the public $20 fee).  The lobby is beautiful too with lots of seating (perfect for staking out as you wait for everyone to arrive on Thursday)!  The hotel staff is very nice and accommodating, and they were able to check us in quickly and efficiently.

The hotel rooms are fairly standard.  The only thing I will note is that the bathrooms are a tad small, so if accessibility is a concern for you, I would definitely make sure you request a handicap accessible room.  Otherwise, the color scheme is pretty and there’s a coffee maker in the room, so there’s not much else we could want, huh?

Our hotel liaison met with Wendy and I on Saturday and gave us a tour of the meeting rooms, and we discussed at length what we felt we needed in order to ensure that all of you had an amazing time this October.  She was very attentive and receptive, and both Wendy and I walked away with the sense that we’re in good hands this year.

Overall, I had such an amazing time and got to see SO MANY great fangirls (some of which you’ll find in the pictures… with their permission, of course)!  So I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves, and of course, if you have ANY questions, just comment or email: winconhq@omgwincon.com


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