Fandom Lounge: Episode 2 – Orphan Black

Fandom Lounge: Episode 2 – Orphan Black


This is our second very, very late episode. Sorry about that. Life and con planning and Mad Max and other stuff got in the way. We recorded this before the season 3 premiere of Orphan Black so no spoilers for the current season. We also have some fandom news and a fandom origin story from Isweedan.


  • Mary Moline – Co-Lead Organizer
  • Melissa Perez – Diversity/Podcast Coordinator
  • Hanako (hmrpotter on twitter)
  • Audrey (audrey1nd on twitter and tumblr)

Wincon News

Fandom News

  • Mockingjay 2 trailer
  • Jupiter Challenge
  • Joseph Fink announced a Nightvale book. Available for pre-order on amazon.It will be released Oct 20, 2015 (Also – unabridged audio book CD of the novel, also released Oct 20, 2015, read by Cecil Baldwin)
  • Hot Topic launched an Orphan Black collection

Fannish Origin Story

  • Skip to 48:00 to hear ONLY the Origin Story.
  • You can find isweedan on tumblr and on Ao3 here.


Our May podcast will be:

  • Avengers 2: Age of Ultron! Look out for it next week since we’re behind.

If you’re interested in appearing on a future podcast or submitting your own fannish origin story, please email melissa at omgwincon dot com

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