The Fandom Lounge Episode 3: Age of Ultron

The Fandom Lounge Episode 3: Age of Ultron

Ready to talk about Avengers 2: Age of Ultron! Or at least hear us talk about it. We also have some fandom news and a fandom origin story from .


  • Laura, Chair of Programming
  • Katemonster, Chair of Attendee Affairs
  • The Brat Queen/TBQ (Twitter)
  • Selenay (Twitter)

Wincon News

    Programming! Here’s a few of the programs you can expect to see at this year’s con

  • Fanfic Book Club. Read more about it here.
  • Registration $55
  • Hotel Booking – Please use our link to make sure you get your discount!

Fandom News

Fannish Origin Story

  • Skip to 1:10:15 to hear ONLY the Origin Story by Katemonster!

Our next podcast will be:

  • Teen Wolf

If you’re interested in appearing on a future podcast or submitting your own fannish origin story, please email melissa at omgwincon dot com

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