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Bad Fic Idol

Wincon’s Bad Fic Idol is a long standing tradition full of outrageous fun, terrible puns, and unspeakable filth (but we sure speak it anyway).

A panel of *ahem* expert judges and two brave narrators take us through a time-honored fandom staple: the bad fic. Attendees are allowed, nay! ENCOURAGED to write the most disturbingly delightful tales ever heard (at least until next year), and we read them aloud, much to the horror of all in attendance.

At the end, our judges confer and then reward one truly… “talented” author for having the baddest of the bad fics. A beautiful sash is always presented to the winner, as well as other miscellaneous goodies.

Do not be mislead, this is an honor hotly pursued by all who participate, and each fic entered is done so by the author(s) of said fic. No wild fanfics are harmed in the making of this event.

Want to get started on your bad fic now? No problem, here are the rules!

  • Fic must be 400 words or less.
  • Please place relevant warnings at the top. Ridiculous porn is always welcome, but please keep all situations described consensual and in good fun, if terrible taste.
  • Fics may be handwritten or typed, emailed to us or handed over in person.
  • Fics must be submitted no later than noon the Saturday of Wincon.
  • You do not have to be in attendance to submit a fic, but you DO have to be in attendance to win.

Questions? Ready to submit?

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