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On-Site Programming

The schedule of onsite programming for each year’s con tries to include something for everyone. We have some programming that carries over from year to year, but we open up the bulk of the schedule to con-goers to propose panels, roundtables, workshops, or events.

Submissions are currently open!  They will run from March 1 through April 17th, 2015. If you’re not quite sure what kind of programming you want to submit, or you have an idea but want some help making it happen, check out our brainstorming post on LiveJournal!  We also love hearing about your ideas on social media (#wincon):
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Some common questions and their answers:

  • What kind of programming will you accept? Does it have to be fandom specific?

We are looking for a variety of panels and workshops, which appeal to the widest range of attendees. We are a multi-fandom convention, so we would love to accept pitches for genre specific and pan-fandom panels such as: medical dramas, reality shows, crime procedurals, BBC, comics, and the like. We also love fandom meta and discussions about fandom culture. Be creative!

We also welcome programming that is fandom-specific, and we would love to get your submissions for roundtable discussions on whatever your current (or past!) fandom favorite is.

  • What are the tracks?

We have four tracks: one panel room fitting approximately 125-150 people, one smaller panel room fitting 75 people, one workshop space fitting approximately 50, and one roundtable room accommodating 30 people.  Check out our programming page for more information on what constitutes a panel, roundtable, or workshop.

You can request the type of space which will work best for your idea, but please be advised the con committee reserves the right to move it to the space we think is most appropriate. However, we’ll never stick you in a bigger room without consulting you first.

  • What if I have an idea but no one to be on the panel with me?

That’s what our brainstorming post is for!  This post is open for comments and discussion as of February 2nd, and will remain open until the end of the submission period.  If you have an idea about something you want to see, leave a comment here.

  • What if I have an idea but don’t want to be on the panel?

Unfortunately, in order for your programming idea to be eligible for voting, you must be able to list someone who is willing to be on it.  We can provide a moderator for panels, but if you have a roundtable or workshop idea that you don’t want to run, you will need to find someone else to run it for you.  Again, leave your ideas on our brainstorming post!  You never know, there might be a dozen fans who didn’t know they were waiting to talk about your idea until now.

  • How can I see what panels have already been submitted?

All the panels that have been submitted will be made available to view once submissions open. Please note, panels shown are not necessarily approved yet, and may not make it to the final schedule.

  • But you don’t understand, I need to see this panel or I will cry.

There’s no crying in fandom. We’ll be opening panel/workshop/roundtable submissions to a vote (sans submitter’s name) to gauge attendee interest. Just make sure you vote and you get your friends who are attending to vote, too!

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