Here you will find the schedule of events for Wincon 2015.  If you’d like to look at the schedule grid, it’s available to download as a PDF, here.  Programming below is arranged chronologically.  You can jump to a specific day by using the links below. Though not listed below, our Meet & Greet will be held on Thursday, October 15th, from 5pm – 8pm in the Fandom Lounge, and Winprom is on Saturday night from 8pm – 1am.

Friday Programming
Saturday Programming
Sunday Programming

Friday Programming

Opening Ceremonies
Welcome to Wincon! We start this year’s festivities off with an introduction from our Con Comm.

Friday Panels [Track One – Smithfield/Ft. Pitt | Track Two – Birmingham]

Hot Chicks and the Lovely Ladies We Ship Them With
An open discussion on the state of femslash in fanfic and fandom. If you have fic recs please bring them!
PANELIST(S): ladyofthelog, road_rhythm

How to Geek In Pittsburgh
Looking for a geek den in the city? Can’t find a comic shop or a convention that interests you? We’ll tell you how to geek in Pittsburgh.
MODERATOR: The Modern Gafa
PANELIST(S): O-baka-chan-tachi

Sometimes, More Is Better
If two people in a relationship is good, couldn’t more be good-good? Our panel will discuss this wild speculation & may even settle on an answer.
MODERATOR: unavoidedcrisis
PANELIST(S): audrey1nd, tsukinofaerii

Fandoms and Social Activism
Millions of people, brought together by fandoms, are working hard to make a positive change in the world and you can too.
MODERATOR: Lisa Shaughnessy
PANELIST(S): Caylene Ray

Fandom Fatale: Kink Done Right
Frolic in the fornication, roll in the gutter and see the fireworks; we paw through every dirty, kinky secret fandom has to offer up.
PANELIST(S): jane_anon, nightlovechild

This Is My Family, I Found It All On My Own
What is it about found family narratives that draw us in? Come talk about our favorite canon found families, as well as those we create in fan works.
MODERATOR: somecunningplan

Keeping It in the Family: Incest in Fandom
Some families are fucked up or a bit too close. And some siblings are just hot. Come talk about the incest you ship and why you ship it!
MODERATOR: realmenwearpuppypants
PANELIST(S): ifshehadwings, ofjustimagine

From Page to Screen: Swipe Right, or Hard Pass?
Join us as we break down books-to-screen through the years. What did Hollywood get right & what projects make us want to fire up our laser robot eyes?
MODERATOR: girlguidejones
PANELIST(S): deidre_c, poisontaster

Vid Show
An hour of new vids (some never before seen!) in a variety of fandoms.
MODERATOR: brynspikess

Friday Workshops [Benedum]

Liquid Eyeliner Can Smell Fear: The Beginner
Learn how to tame that vile, unruly beast that is eyeliner. Find out why Peggy Carter’s red looks so weird on you. Come, learn a new obsession today!
PRESENTER(S): clex_monkie89

If You’re Stressing And You Know It, Take A Break
Join us as we explore different methods of self-care and ways to create a more positive environment on and offline. Bring your tips and advice!
PRESENTER(S): jane_anon, ifshehadwings

Breaking Through Writer’s Block: Tips and Techniques
Join us with your WIP, as we discuss methods of breaking through the block, patching plot holes, and any other crises.

Plushie Workshop V – A Stitch In Time*
You know us. You love us. Join Bryn & She!Sam to build your very own plushie to cuddle for all eternity. Beginners welcome! All supplies are free!
PRESENTER(S): brynspikess, youngloveleroy
*  This is a drop in/out session, feel free to come and go!

Friday Roundtables [Duquesne]

Jupiter Ascending: The Movie Fandom Deserves
Secret space princess! Flying rollerblades! Dog man Channing Tatum! Sean Bee! And a royal trio with eternal~ mommy issues! Come squee!
FACILITATOR(S): ifshehadwings, tsukinofaerii

Shepherds We Shall Be
FANDOM(S): Boondock Saints
Murphy & Connor, Irish twins, fill the streets of Boston with mafia blood so “all that is good may flourish” while being tracked by the FBI.
FACILITATOR(S): nightlovechild

On a Scale of 1-10 How Would You Rate Your Pain?
FANDOM(S): Big Hero 6
Anything and everything Big Hero 6 – themes of grief and loss, found families, and the undeniable adorability of Baymax.
FACILITATOR(S): ifshehadwings

Project Runway Has Nothing on Costumers
FANDOM(S): MCU, Mad Max: Fury Road, Hunger Games, Jupiter Ascending, etc.
Whether it’s a black coat & blue scarf or a red, white, & blue jumpsuit – let’s talk about the conventional and outrageous costumes we love!
FACILITATOR(S): jane_anon


Saturday Programming

Saturday Panels [Track One – Smithfield/Ft. Pitt | Track Two – Birmingham]

Wasn’t This On Ten Years Ago?
What’s old is new, what’s new used to be old. Nostalgia made better (or worse) by rebooting with a new cast and plot. When it’s good and how it fails.
MODERATOR: girlphenom
PANELIST(S): chaneen, desertport, lazulisong

The Netflix Channel: TV Made for Bingeing
Once, we watched TV week-to-week, like peasants. Then–a beacon of hope–Netflix Original Series. Let’s talk about how this changed our viewing habit.
MODERATOR: cherie_morte
PANELIST(S): wutendeskind

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Your Tears Are All The Pay I’ll Ever Need
Let’s spend an hour discussing the MCU, crying over the amazingness of our favorite characters, and debating what might come next (Black Widow movie?)
MODERATOR: chaneen
PANELIST(S): hils, tsuki_no_bara

Here Be Dragons…
Join us as we discuss all Dragons (including sizes, hoards, & elements) and trade Movie/TV/Book recs. Represent your favorite dragons!
MODERATOR: brynspikess
PANELISTS: cathybites, tsukinofaerii, youngloveleroy

Real Person Fiction
In the words of the great Mary J. Blige, Leave your situations (with the ethics of RPF) at the door, so when you step inside jump on the floor.
MODERATOR: wutendeskind
PANELIST(S): cherie_morte, ofjustimagine

Vikings, Victorians, and the Vagaries of Watching History on TV
Come talk about historical TV dramas & why you love ’em! The clothes! The attitudes! The desire (or not) for historical accuracy! Fancy hats optional.
MODERATOR: tsuki_no_bara
PANELIST(S): audrey1nd, no_detective

Lipstick, Guns, and Heels: Why Peggy Carter is Awesomesauce
The war is over, but Agt. Peggy Carter’s life goes on. Join us as we discuss casual sexism, wardrobe, surprise!CMM, betrayal, fight scenes, and more!
MODERATOR: brynspikess
PANELIST(S): cathybites, chaneen, tsuki_no_bara

David v. Goliath: A Choose Your Own Adventure in Rare & Multishipping
David v. Goliath: the joys and pains of being a rare/multi shipper in fandoms that behave as if there’s only One True Way to Ship.
MODERATOR: poisontaster
PANELIST(S): azephirin

Let Them Eat Cake! Asexuality in Fandom
Join us to discuss the asexuality spectrum, including ace characters in pop culture, fav headcanons, and how to be inclusive of asexuality in fandom!
MODERATOR: often adamanta
PANELIST(S): clex_monkie89, jane_anon

No Flights, Some Tights
The comic book panel without superheroes (okay maybe some superheroes).
MODERATOR: ordinaryink
PANELIST(S): realmenwearpuppypants, sistabro

Badfic Idol
Get ready for dramatic readings of tentacles, magic fairy princes, and the beauty of everything being so so wrong. May the best/worst fic win!
HOST: cee_m
JUDGES: cheriemorte, nwhepcat, realmenwearpuppypants, road_rhythm, wutendeskind

Saturday Workshops [Benedum]

The Fanfic Book Club: Large Fandom Edition
FANDOM: Star Trek
Not your mother’s book club. Come critically analyze and discuss specific works of fanfiction! We will be discussing Sea Change by jouissant. [] PRESENTER(S): cee_m, ofjustimagine

The Fanfic Book Club – Small Fandom Edition
FANDOM: Toy Story movies
Not your mother’s book club. Come critically analyze and discuss specific works of fanfiction! We will be discussing Under the Table and Dreaming by hollycomb. [] PRESENTER(S): ofjustimagine, cee_m

Liquid Eyeliner Can Smell Fear: The Casual User
Learn how to tame that vile, unruly beast that is eyeliner. Find out why Peggy Carter’s red looks so weird on you. Come, learn a new obsession today!
PRESENTER(S): clex_monkie89

Water Cooler Workshop
Sports talk is everywhere. But what if you can’t tell a touchdown from a home run? Come learn about the “big 4” sports and never feel left out again!
PRESENTER(S): GirlPhenom

Fannish Fiber Arts*
Knit, crochet, or do needlework while enjoying the company of fans! Bring your current project & yarn or patterns for the Swap Table. Come learn, too!
PRESENTER(S): k8monster
*  This is a drop in/out session, feel free to come and go!

Saturday Roundtables [Duquesne]

Swooping Is Bad: A Celebration of Dragon Age
Mages or Templars? The Chargers or the Qunari? And the most difficult question of all: Who the hell are you going to romance? Let’s talk Dragon Age!
FACILITATOR(S): cathybites

Two-Way Play: Hockey RPF and Mainstream Hockey Fandom
Where do AO3 account holders and/or season ticket holders meet up for drinks? Come talk about fandom, and the NHL, CWHL, NWHL, and more!
FACILITATOR(S): ladyofthelog, magneticwave, and wutendeskind

Her Name Was Lola (She Was A Chevy)
FANDOM(S): Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agents, report! Debrief on our Director, the ragtag team we love and trust (or do we?) and the fight against villains, Inhumans, and SHIELD civil war.
FACILITATOR(S): chaneen, Maple

The Raven Boys and the Women of Fox Way
FANDOM(S): The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
Amazing women, found family, magic, friendship, canon queer characters, and writing so beautifully crafted it makes your heart hurt. Come talk books!
FACILITATOR(S): rivers_bend

Fandom in the Writing Classroom
We’ll look at how to make fannish practices work for students, focusing on instruction & adapting online technologies to create useful workshop space.
FACILITATOR(S): desertport


Sunday Programming

Sunday Panels [Track One – Smithfield/Ft. Pitt | Track Two – Birmingham]

Every Me Loves Every You: the Wonderful World(s) of AUs
Is it theoretical physics or is it fangirls? Join us as we discuss alternate universes and why they’re so darn fascinating.
MODERATOR: ifshehadwings
PANELIST(S): jane_anon, k8monster

Fanart Appreciation 101
A (flailing) appreciation and discussion of all things fanart, their artists, and their community in fandom.
MODERATOR: ordinaryink
PANELIST(S): cathybites, dauntdraws

So You Brought A Hooker To Your Sister’s Wedding (And Now Everyone Thinks You’re Gay & Engaged)
We all love tropes, right? So, let’s talk about our favorites, from amnesia to wingfic, bodyswap to fake dating, soul bonds to time loops, and more!
MODERATOR: chaneen
PANELIST(S): clex_monkie89, desertport, hils

Awesome Audio Art: From Podfic to Fanmixes
Interested in a discussion of podfic, audio drama, and fanmixes? This is the panel for you! If you can listen to it, we want to talk about it.
PANELIST(S): calliope, sly_hostetter

Mythology Is My Favorite Ology
Come talk about your favorite and least favorite myths, what they meant, what they still mean, & their connection to popular contemporary fandoms.
MODERATOR: youngloveleroy
PANELIST(S): nightlovechild

Boys With Buns (In The Oven)
Desperate for people who don’t think you’re a freak because you read every mpreg fic of your pairing you can find? Then this is the panel for you!
MODERATOR: clex_monkie89
PANELIST(S): audrey1nd, dimeliora

The Crumbling Fourth Wall
With creators talking with fans on social media, the 4th wall is crumbling. Come discuss the 4th wall, if it still exists, and what that means if not.
MODERATOR: literaryoblivion

Your DeLorean is all Wibbly-Wobbly
If no one comes from the future to stop you, then attending this panel is obviously a good idea.
PANELIST(S): brynspikess, road_rhythm

Queering Gender in Fandom
Discussion of trans characters and headcanons, fic, fanart and fancasts that queer gender, plus how and why we enjoy making these things! All welcome!
MODERATOR: k8monster

Come to the Dark(fic) Side (The Cookies Are People)
Join us to discuss the darkest extremes of human thought, behavior, and suffering and the stories fandom spins out of them. Also for literal cookies.
MODERATOR: road_rhythm
PANELIST(S): Dimeliora

Retrospective Vid Show
The best of the last ten years of Wincon’s Vid Shows, as voted on by attendees!
MODERATOR: brynspikess

Sunday Workshops [Benedum]

Liquid Eyeliner Can Smell Fear: The VIB Rouge
Learn how to tame that vile, unruly beast that is eyeliner. Find out why Peggy Carter’s red looks so weird on you. Come, learn a new obsession today!
PRESENTER(S): clex_monkie89

Plushie Workshop V – A Stitch In Time*
You know us. You love us. Join Bryn & She!Sam to build your very own plushie to cuddle for all eternity. Beginners welcome! All supplies are free!
PRESENTER(S): brynspikess, youngloveleroy
*  This is a drop in/out session, feel free to come and go!

Sunday Roundtables [Benedum and Duquesne]

The Librarians and The Fandom of Amazeballs
Misfit Teams, Artifacts, & Magic, Oh My! We’ll discuss female Prince Charmings, evil spells, brain grapes, alternate universes, & sentient libraries!
FACILITATOR(S): brynspikess

Moose & Squirrel: The Adventures of Sam & Dean & Friends
FANDOM(S): Supernatural
An informal discussion of Supernatural’s storylines, ships, hairstyles, & characters, as well as the future of our favorite TV brothers. Spoiler free!
FACILITATOR(S): clex_monkie89, waterofthemoon

Teen Wolf Season 5
What did we love? What did we hate? What did Jeff do to make us crazy? What new characters do you ship now?

Because if you’ve survived this year in 1D fandom, you deserve the prize of having a roundtable. (And probably some therapy.)
FACILITATOR(S): ofjustimagine

Pop Anglophilia in the 21st Century
FANDOM(S): Radio 1, The Great British Bake-Off, Celebrity Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, The X-Factor UK. Assorted other UK media.
You wake up with Grimmy and go to bed with The One Show. You live and die (and eat) by GBBO. It’s okay, you’re an Anglophile, and we’re here to help.
FACILITATOR(S): k8monster, ofjustimagine

The End of the World As We Know It (And I Brought Cookies)
It’s a plain fact that the world is going to end, so we should have a great conversation about why/how/and how much fun we can have along the way.
FACILITATOR(S): unavoidedcrisis, ratherastory

The Monstrous Regiment: Pratchett Fandom
FANDOM(s): Discworld, Long Earth, others
A celebration of the work of Sir Terry Pratchett, including Discworld and other titles. Topics include: Death, witches, time travel and stories.
FACILITATOR(S): k8monster

Tarnished Champions
FANDOM(S): Supernatural, Boondock Saints, Dexter, etc.
Our champions are dirty, blood soaked, and deny that they are even heroes at all. As the good fight ends badly, the darkness beckons.
FACILITATOR(S): nightlovechild


Closing Ceremonies
We’re sad the weekend has to end, but thank you for another great year at Wincon!

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