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Wincon is run by a cooperative, 100% volunteer con committee headed by lead organizers Amber Charleville and Mary Moline.


Con Committee

Amber and Mary: Co-Lead Organizers

Clex: Chair of Accounting

  • Chris: Raffle Coordinator

Kate: Chair of Attendee Affairs

  • Melissa: Diversity Coordinator
  • Emily: Safety Coordinator

Lina: Associate Chair of Logistics

  • Erin: Audio/Visual Coordinator
  • Shel: Volunteer Coordinator

Laura: Chair of Programming

  • Liv: Panels Coordinator
  • Krista: Workshops Coordinator
  • Becka: Roundtables Coordinator
  • Erin: Offsite Activities Coordinator
  • Bryn: Vid Show Coordinator

Stacy: Chair of Public Relations

  • Jess: Social Media Coordinator

Support Staff

Stef: Graphic and Website Design

Port: Marketing 

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