Vid Show Submissions

Submit Your Vids To The Tenth Annual Wincon Vid Show!

As you know, Wincon is multi-fandom, and our Vid Show is a blend of everything that makes that great.

– Want to match the con theme and do a “Back to the Future” vid?

Great Scott! You’d better make like a tree, and submit it!

Hooked on a brand new fandom?

Show us all about it!

Already formulating your mega crossover vid?

Can’t wait to see it!

Slashing Disney Princesses?

Who isn’t?

Haven’t yet come to terms with your favorite show ending?

Bring it back to life and relive the awesomeness!

Still truly madly deeply in love with Supernatural?

Always in the mood for more!

Vidders: we’re ready for you to show us what you’ve got! Working on something new? We love premieres! Finished up something this year that made you proud? Send it in!

Vidding Fans / Friends of Vidders: you know some amazingly talented folks, and we’d love to include their work in the show even if (sadface) they won’t be able to attend the Con so, please, give your vidding friends a poke to get those juices flowing and send them to this post. And, if there’s a vid or two that really caught your eye or heart this year, send us a link and/or ask the vidder to get in touch with us about submitting it for the show!

Submission requirements are as follows. Yes, I know it’s a huge teal deer, but moar is moar when you’re answering questions, right?

First, we really need your assistance with a few things:

1) Follow the submission guidelines carefully so that your vids are in a format that we can play with. If the technology isn’t quite what’s expected, and the software we are using won’t convert your files, we’ll have to leave them off the show DVD, and that would make everyone sad. So please, follow the instructions as best you can.

2) Submit your vids no later than 11:59pm EST on Saturday, August 1st, 2015. We wish we could offer more time, but we really won’t be able to accept anything later than that.

We have a generic email address for things related to the vid portion of the Con. If you have any questions, please send your email to:

And now, the technical request you’ve all been waiting for:

WinCon Vid Submission Instructions

Many, many thanks forever and always to killabeez , elynross , and sockkpuppett for the cheering and guidance throughout the years, as well as other fine folks at VividCon. The instructions here are cribbed from their collected VividCon vidshow instructions, so they’ll likely sound familiar to many of you. In addition, many thanks to absolutedestiny , who created the LlamaEnc software (for Windows users) for VividCon and is permitting us to use it here.



All vids must be received by 11:59pm EST on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.

The deadline is the same whether you are uploading your files or sending your vid in by mail.



Each vidder may submit up to 2 vids. Please note: This does NOT guarantee that your vids will all be shown. Barring an overwhelming number of submissions or insurmountable technical difficulties, we will show at least the first priority vid for all submitting vidders.

Also note: submissions are counted by submitting vidder, NOT by collaboration team. Any one member of a team can choose to submit a collaboration vid, but s/he must then decide the relative priority of that vid vs. any other solo vids she wants to submit. Please discuss with your collaborators who will submit which vid.

Are het/slash/wincest vids welcome in the show? What about vids that use outside or photomanipulated footage?

The short version is, all genres of vids are allowed. The Con Comm doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the content of vids except in the extremely unlikely event that a vid is so controversial, it presents liability issues.

Can I submit vids that have been shown elsewhere, or that I’ve distributed online?

Yes, but priority will be given to those vids that have never been shown at a con or distributed online. We want to encourage vidders to debut their vids at Wincon, to create the freshest and most exciting Vid Show possible. That said, if you have something you absolutely LOVED and posted earlier this year, please feel free to send it in. We’ll try to include it if we can.

How will the vids be shown?

The show will be compiled onto a DVD, and played back on a large screen television at the Con.

What does Aspect Ratio (16:9 or 4:3) mean?

Aspect ratio refers to the size of the picture. Older TV shows that were shot in standard definition are a more square picture which is considered 4:3 or full screen. Newer TV shows and movies that are shot in high definition have a more rectangular picture and are considered 16:9 or widescreen/letterbox.



1) A second or two of extra black space at the beginning and/or end of your vid is acceptable, but don’t add too much – we won’t be trimming or changing your vid in any way other than file conversion.

2) Please do not watermark or imprint your name throughout the rendering. It’s a bit distracting, and we’d prefer that everyone focus attention on your beautiful work.

3) BUT…don’t forget to include your name and vid title at the start or end!. We want to make sure you get all the credit for your glorious efforts.

4) Accepted formats:

We’re mixing things up a bit this year. In the past we’ve asked for submissions to be in the format of a MPEG-2 video file plus a separate audio file, and while that format will still be accepted, it has caused a lot of confusion and difficulty with conversion in the past, so we’re opening it up.

Other acceptable formats this year: a single audio&video file in “.avi”, “,mp4”, or “.wmv”. If your video is in another format, please try to convert it, or email us first to see if we can process your video type.

If you prefer to split the file in the format of a MPEG-2 video file plus a separate audio file, the instructions are as follows: As in previous years, we asked the awesome folks who run VividCon for permission to offer up the use of their windows program (created by the wondrous absolutedestiny ) called LlamaEnc for encoding your video into this format.

4a) UPDATED ENCODING SOFTWARE for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac Users

Thank you obsessive24 and nightlovechild for pointing us in the right direction!

– LlamaEnc2

absolutedestiny has graciously updated the software that splits your files to M2V/WAV pairs, and has offered an opportunity to test it out and provide feedback for those using PC or Mac.

– Tips & Tricks (for Mac/FCP users)

damned_colonial has posted some tips for splitting files if you use a Final Cut Pro on a Mac.

– At a stretch, we can accept an AVI, QuickTime MOV, or DIVX file, but these formats create a greater chance of technical issues when we process the files. We want your vids to look spectacular, so we really appreciate your efforts to send your files as MPEG-2.

5) Specs for accepted formats:

– AVI, MP4, or WMV audio/video file: preferred 720×480 (full screen) or 720×404 (widescreen) resolution, NTSC format, encoded at 5500-6500 kpbs bit rate*

– MPEG-2 video file: MPEG-2 video, 720×480 (full screen) or 720×404 (widescreen) resolution, NTSC format, encoded at 5500-6500 kpbs bit rate*, with an “m2v” suffix.

*IMPORTANT: Do NOT encode your vid at a higher bit rate. If you do, you increase the file size without noticeably improving video quality and increase the likelihood of jerky playback. No one wants jerky playback.

– Audio file: WAV or AIFF format (48 kHz). Please do NOT use AC-3 or mp3.

– AVI or QuickTime MOV file (if need be): 29.97 frames per second, 720×480 (or 720×404) resolution, highest quality.

– DIVX file (if need be): 29.97 frames per second, 720×480 (or 720×404) resolution, high bit rate.

6) Please name each file as follows:

vidpriority_yourname_songtitle.{wav, m2v, avi, mp4, etc.}

Delete any spaces, apostrophes, special characters, etc.

Example: the video track for the first-priority vid submitted by vidder Super-Amazing Vidder!! to the song I’m A Little Teapot would be named:


Please use the submitting vidder’s name, NOT the name of the vidding group or collaboration.

If you have your own server space available, or can borrow some from a friend, please upload your vid files there. If not, please upload to a free file host such as Sendspace, MediaFire, ADrive, Dropbox.

6a) Next, please Email us at with the following information:

E-mail Subject line: Wincon Vid Submission

Vidder’s name(s):

Are you attending the con?

Title of vid:

Musical Artist:

Title of the song (if different):


Pairing(s) (if any):

Trigger Warning(s) (if any): (example: explicit nudity, self-harm, extreme violence, etc.)

Spoiler(s) (if any):

Priority of vid (from 1 to 2):

Time count (mm/ss):

Aspect Ratio (16:9 or 4:3): (If you don’t know what this means, please refer to the F.A.Q.’s)

Has the vid been shown elsewhere or distributed online and, if so, when and where? (LINK PLEASE)

Vid sent by upload or mail:

LJ Link(s) to download:

After the Con, would you want your vid included in a Comm post linking to it as an available download?

If we were to offer a DVD compilation of the Con Vid Show in the future, would you want your vid included?

After the Con, do you grant permission for Wincon to host a direct download of your vid on our website through a link on the Vid Show Archive page?

Please include the same information for all vids submitted.

Once you’ve uploaded your files and sent this email, you’re done. You should receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your submission within a week – if you do not hear from us, please email Bryn directly at bryn (at) omgwincon (dot) com.

6b) Submitting By Mail

We vastly prefer to receive vids through electronic means, as it makes things much easier for us. However, if you can’t upload your vids, please Email us at vids (at) omgwincon (dot) com for mailing instructions.

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